Maxine Waters: The Woman Behind The Curtain

Remember watching The Wizard of Oz on CBS? It was a yearly event. The South Bronx wasn’t immune to its allure and I begged to stay up later to see the end even though I knew how it ended.

There was a line in the film, and not the “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” It was the line by the Wizard himself. It was at the end when the giant, flame spouting head is bellowing at Dorothy and her lost lot. Suddenly, Toto grabs onto a curtain, pulling it back to reveal a little man at the helm of some wild controls. Busted. The Wizard orders Dorothy and her group to “pay no mind to that man behind the curtain.” Ah ha!

As we know, the “Wizard” was an effect commanded by the little man to distract and dazzle and direct the attention of the citizens of Emerald City into distraction. He wanted to control people through an image, courting their favor, obedience and respect. He was an ordinary human being, blown off course and touched down in the capital city of a strange land, and got right to work in exploiting its people.

Last week, the honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California), continued to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. In addition to demanding President Trump’s impeachment (She then walked that back, falsely claiming she never demanded it.( Read here: ). She recently proclaimed to take Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson’s “ass apart.” She claimed that a man who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood didn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave and could not help those in the inner city rise above to success. Fact: Secretary Carson did indeed grow up in the inner city and escaped the paradigm of poverty. Maxine Waters resides in a four million dollar home in a wealthy, segregated Los Angeles neighborhood that isn’t in her own district.

Her district, according to Ballotpedia is 23.6% African-American. The neighborhood where she resides is just six percent.

Pay no mind to that woman behind the curtain.

Affectionately known to her base as “Auntie Maxine,” she’s seen as a woman of the people. She “tells it like it is.” She’s just a common woman doing a good day’s work on The Hill. She claims she’s not going to stand for Secretary Carson’s shenanigans; citing comments that Carson believes poor people are responsible for their poverty.

So before we pull back the curtain on Auntie Maxine, the Wizard of D.C., let’s look at Sec. Carson’s alleged “callous” remarks.

Here is The Huffington Post article. I am giving you about as left-leaning as I can go next to The New York Times or Washington Post:

A section quotes him with the following:

“Carson told the Times that his understanding of compassion meant not giving those who need help “a comfortable setting that would make somebody want to say: ‘I’ll just stay here. They will take care of me.’”

Left darling news outlet, NPR published this piece and characterized Carson as a cold bastard and that he believes poverty is just in the mind. They did go as far as to quote him with this:

“If you’re on food stamps, and you’re able-bodied, we need you to go to work. If you’re on disability insurance and you’re not supposed to be — if you’re not truly disabled, we need you to go back to work.”

To which I respond, what did he say that was wrong in this quote? When did it become politically incorrect to say one should work for a living? When did it become wrong to say if you’re cheating the system, cheating tax payer dollars so you can laze around on the sweat of others…time’s up, go to work?

Carson went on to say that people with “the right mind set” can lift themselves out of anything. The left, progressive media instantly twisted those words into meaning poverty if a figment of one’s imagination, a mental state or…an illusion.

I have met with Secretary Carson on several occasions. I have listened at length to his plans. I can say that a Democratic, Obama-voting person with me in the room exclaimed, “If you achieve this, it will be “The Great Society” fulfilled and the most revolutionary social program ever created.”

He told me to my face and with non-conservatives present, how his mother refused to allow him to think, because they were poor, he should not dream and aspire for something better. His mother was illiterate, but she refused to let that be an excuse for her son.

Before liberals scream “It’s wages! People don’t make enough money!” he wasn’t discounting that. When Secretary Carson unveils his plan for urban renewal through HUD and his long term plans for the department, I think a lot of people are going to go silent. Most of all, I want to see Maxine Waters sit down and “shut up” when Secretary Carson’s agenda hands it back to her for assembly.

Secretary Carson can speak for himself, and when his words aren’t twisted, or his official visits not belittled by malfunctioning elevators, a lot of people are going to stand corrected.

So let’s pull back the curtain on Auntie Maxine, the woman on The Hill crying for Trump’s head and Carson’s ass.

First, a historical reference. On February 9th, 1950 in Wheeling, WV, Senator Joe McCarthy, a substandard senator from Wisconsin, gave a speech to the Republican Women’s Club. While no recording of the speech exists, it’s generally accepted that McCarthy claimed to have a paper listing the names of Communists who have infiltrated the State Department. He allegedly claimed the number to be 205. In subsequent speeches that number changed, but it was this revelation that catapulted McCarthy to political stardom. He found his monster to deflect from a lousy legislative record.

McCarthy’s accusations gained him fame and most of all, higher approval ratings and power. He had found his mojo and was re-elected in 1952 with 54% of the vote. However he was flying close to the sun and “Tailgunner Joe” came crashing back to earth. His approval ratings peaked in 1954 and he died in 1957 from complications from alcoholism.

Now…Maxine Waters is looking for communists. She’s finding them in the State Department and The White House. She accuses the President of colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton and selling this country down the road to Vladmir Putin.

She’s found fame in her Jeremiad outbursts. She tapped into the Liberal Left’s shock and awed reaction to the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton lost. Period. UPSET. Before Trump could deliver his victory speech, conspiracy theories started forming. Now we have people like Waters demanding impeachment and daily headlines of Russian “collusion.”

Like McCarthy, Waters has her nebulous 205. President Trump and The Russians are the communist infiltrators. The President is historically accurate in his description of this persecution as a witch hunt.

Like Maxine Waters, McCarthy found fame in his accusations and theatrics, he also was able to deflect from his congressional record and behavior. Before it sounds like a partisan political attack, let’s look at Maxine Water’s congressional report card. Across several non-partisan surveys she is a solid “C” average. Her district is still poverty-ridden and pocked with gang violence after 37 years in office and a head of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Her record in favor of immigration can be found here. Actually read these stats, people, instead of subscribing to a talk show audience mentality and blindly applauding sit-com level dialogue.

And here she scores a solid lifetime percentage of 14%

See how she replied to these questions:

Representative Waters never hid her liberal affiliation or agenda. If you actually read her legislative record, you will see she shares very similar beliefs with Secretary Carson on poverty and urban renewal. However, that won’t get her air time or adoring applause at her revival-style rallies.

When the Congresswoman announces she wants to take the Secretary of HUD to the woodshed, there is an old saying that applies: “If you’re going to bitch, then you better be consistent.”
Auntie Maxine is not very consistent in her wails of piety and morality.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has made a number of “Most Corrupt” lists for government. Therein lies the rub. With her grandstanding, she campaigns on a platform of moral rectitude. So let’s examine the facts as they are published.

She is listed by Judicial Watch and CREW as one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. I will support this with unbiased links. To be clear, she was eventually found not guilty of ethics violations, however, read and decide for yourself. It does not become the image of folksy, Auntie Maxine.

Somehow I suspect Sec. Carson will be a gentleman and not invoke any of this while the honorable Congresswoman does her bidding.

According to National Review, Congresswoman Waters has the following attached to her sterling reputation:

– Waters called the violent LA riots after the Rodney King verdict, a “Rebellion.” So while Trump is lambasted as promoting violence over a silly animated GIF, Waters promoted violence in her support for Damian Williams. Williams, if you remember threw the concrete block on truck driver, Reginald Denny’s head during this “rebellion.” Williams went to jail, was released and then returned on murder charges.

View this “rebellion” here, raw and uncut, and see how Denny’s crime for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong color made a “hero” out of Damian Williams. (The attack comes at 15:54)

– She and her family have financially profited from her rise to race heroine while not living in the district she represents. She owns a mansion in the white majority Hancock Park, miles outside her district.

– She got her husband an ambassadorship to The Bahamas even though his only qualification was being a pro football player who traveled there. Huh, guess I am good to go, make me an ambassador to somewhere nice, please.

– Her daughter, Karen, has gained over $600,000 from Waters’ campaign committee since 2006 as reported by The Washington Free Beacon.

– Her office’s interference and lobbying for OneUnited bank, which was not fully qualified for the TARP bailout in the wake of the 2008 crash, got her a slap on the wrist from a wan investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Her husband was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited. As stockholders, they made out from their relationship with the bank. Keep in mind the bank was deemed the reason for its own troubles but got away with a 12 million bailout.

– Waters friend and Democratic Congresswoman, Zoe Lofgren, helped stall Waters’ 2010 House ethics trial by delaying subpoenas and firing two attorneys working on the investigation. Please, Congresswoman, tell me again how wrong the President was for firing FBI Director Comey.

National Review also cites left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics as naming Waters FIVE TIMES as “the most corrupt member of Congress” for the years 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2017.

While I said she was found not guilty by the House ethics committee, it should be noted that a number of ethics panel members resigned and an outside investigator cleared Congresswoman Waters.

Pay no mind to that woman behind the curtain.