New White House Talking Points Are In: Here’s The Latest On The NYC Attack

I received these “Talking Points” from The White House which again, relay direct information not distorted by any media filters. Please take a look at what the administration is doing and being proactive in light of recent events.


  • Our thoughts, prayers are with the victims, their families and all affected by this horrific terrorist attack.
  • We praise the first responders and brave men and women of law enforcement at the city, state and federal levels responding to the incident and investigating the matter.
  • This attack underscores that the terrorist threat is real, and as we defeat ISIS and affiliated groups abroad, we must be vigilant at home as they seek other ways to attack the homeland.
  • Inspiring such attacks through hateful propaganda has always been part of ISIS’s—and other terrorists’—strategy, which only underscores the need for the most careful vetting of who enters our country.
  • There are hundreds of active law enforcement investigations into foreign nationals suspected of engaging in terrorism.
  • We must vet those seeking entry the United States thoroughly.


  • The alleged attacker was admitted into the United States in 2010 using a passport displaying a diversity immigrant visa.
  • The diversity visa lottery is a foolish way to let people enter our country and is one that the President’s immigration reform plan seeks to eliminate.
  • Diversity visas do not serve the interests of the American people and was a 1990’s era brainchild of Senator Chuck Schumer.
  • Coming to the United States is one of the most sought-after privileges in the world—and for us to give that away randomly to anyone without proper vetting makes no sense and endangers our citizens.
  • The President wants merit-based immigration. We need serious vetting standards for security, and admitting applicants based on merit, that emphasizes skills, ability to enhance the U.S. tax base and improve the economy.


  • New York City’s finest are working with the FBI and other Federal agencies to investigate to this case, and we defer to them on the specifics of this case.
  • But we should never admit a foreign national who poses a terrorist threat or a threat to public safety, or someone about whom we know nothing, and the President has taken significant and common sense steps (through several executive actions) to upgrade our vetting and national security procedures.


Extreme vetting includes among OTHER things:

  • Enhancing the collection and review of biometric and biographic data
  • Improving our intelligence streams
  • Improved documentation requirements and verification
  • Improving information sharing with partner nations and foreign law enforcement and intelligence services
  • And overall heightened scrutiny and more thorough review procedures for Consular Offices and CBP, etc.


  • Presidential memorandum from March on heightened vetting
  • Section 5 of the most recent EO on global enhancements to vetting procedures and strengthened review of immigration benefit applications.
  • This is an ongoing process that has been underway for some time and is expanding as the process develops.