I Have An Important Question For My Haters That They Should Stop And Think About

My previous essays started a move toward self-reflection and unfortunately, as a celebrity, this kind of personal assessment has to be shared in some capacity with the public.

Celebrities are a breed unto themselves. There are some who are famous for a solid body of work–quality films, music, television or a sports legacy. There are others who are famous for being famous. Then there are those who use their celebrity to speak on a wide range of topics.

Celebrities can inspire. They can also provoke and irritate. They are also considered public property. Many fans are wonderful, kind and respectful people. There are also those who believe they’re experts or have a fundamental right to say whatever they wish behind online protection and anonymity.

I have a lot of things said to me online. I’ve been called just about everything there is. I’ve looked at this enmity in previous essays. Part of self-reflection is accepting your mistakes and then owning them.

So aside from online vitriol and outright hatred, I have another question. My previous essay asked why Hollywood was ignoring Corey Feldman. You can read it here.

There are a number of celebrities famous for their charitable acts toward children. Some have made wonderful press in adopting less fortunate children and bringing them into a life that is best described as hitting the lottery. It’s about the kids, many of them say.

So…aren’t the kids at the center of a sex scandal Hollywood doesn’t want to talk about? Where are all of these celebrities to stand up for those who don’t have a voice? Where is the #THEMTOO movement?

I ask all of this because now I switch more toward my question for myself: what have I done so badly to have been blacklisted from casting sessions and securing acting work? Am I a monster like Weinstein?

If you want to say it’s because I support an alleged sexual harassing President, and that’s why executives won’t hire me…then why did these executives support Harvey Weinstein and continued to hire male directors with numerous assault allegations against them or…why did an entire network allow someone like Matt Lauer to run amok to the tune of millions of dollars per year? In fact, they joked about it at a press gathering where he was called, excuse my language, “The Cock of 30 Rock.”

Why does someone like me get banned? I have conservative viewpoints? I’m a Christian? Because I am passionate about these things? Because I’ve used my celebrity for what I believe in? How is that any different from my male counterparts who spout on and on over climate change or even more ironically, the treatment of women in this industry?

Where are the executives or even other powerful conservatives in Hollywood to step up and say something for me? I’m toxic, according to a friend. I find it absurd. I support Trump. I have conservative values and I’m Typhoid Mary? However molest young boys, rape actresses, and well, get the response of…no one knew about it and no one has anything to say. Really?

Step up and say you support Mitt Romney when the media has a love affair with Obama, and watch how fast your star collapses. But ask perverted questions to female celebrities and you get away with it until you can’t. Say you support gun ownership and get eviscerated online and not get your calls returned.

Where are my friends on both sides of the aisle and political spectrum? Well, I have lost many because of the previous things I have said. What would it take, I wonder, for me to get back through the doors of Hollywood? Would I have to stand down and stop being clear about what I stand for? Here’s the thing, that’s not an option. I’ve decided that I am going to believe in a power greater than myself. That power is God. I’ve said it before, what God wants for me, no MAN can keep from me.

In a recent interview for a series at a major studio, the female executive met with me just to tell me how much she disagreed with my politics. That was it. She wasn’t interested in the show, she just wanted the chance to tell Stacey Dash how much she disagreed with her. That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their humble opinion.

So where are the people who told me that they have my back? Silent. Just like the silence that has greeted Corey Feldman. Support is mostly lip service. It’s promised before the dark times hit and then recedes into that darkness when it comes.

So let me ask you, reader, whether fan of mine or not. Just what have I done? Said some words you disagreed with? Expressed support for a politician you can’t get behind? When did that become a crime? Yes, I may have said some things that were not the most eloquent or kind or even thought through.

For that, I do apologize.

I haven’t come out as the major LGBTQ supporter people think all Hollywood celebs should be. I don’t wear the right ribbon for the latest cause. When did this become a crime worthy of expulsion?

Just what has Stacey Dash done? And when is redemption finally allowed?

There are comments sections on this page. Use them. I expect the usual ignorance, however, there may be a few voices that actually have something constructive and intelligent to say. Here’s the thing, I am redeemed through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I just hope and pray that the carnality of man, which I am also guilty of will elevate to a higher consciousness.

I look forward to it.