I’m Pleased To Announce My Next Project And It’s About A Critically Important Topic

Roe v. Wade– I recently joined the cast of this upcoming feature, executive produced by Dr. Alveda King. The film, shooting this summer, is on the infamous Roe vs. Wade ruling that legalized abortion in the United States.

This topic has fractured the country, working on a number of levels, from women’s rights, healthcare, morality, religion. For the very first time, a major motion picture is being made on the subject to unveil the truth on how Planned Parenthood was started and manipulated the media, the courts, and the public to overturn the ban on abortion.

Let me fill you in on this film and why I signed on.

Led by Executive Producer Dr. Alveda King, and Nick Loeb, this is the story of the Women’s Rights Movement vs. the Pro-Life movement, which was led by Dr. Mildred Jefferson – the first African American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and the second president of National Right to Life.

While Dr. Jefferson was a woman of faith, raised by a pastor, her reason for fighting for the unborn was pure science. Dr. Alveda King knew Mildred personally, and trusted me with the honor and responsibility of portraying such an incredible leader in American history.

Planned Parenthood, which was founded by Margaret Sanger, was originally called, “The Negro Project,” and its mission was to reduce African American populations in this country. To this day, abortion is the biggest killer of blacks in America. Dr. Jefferson was fighting to save her race. http://www.nationalblackprolifeunion.com/Margaret-Sanger-and-The-Negro-Project.html

This is the movie that Hollywood doesn’t want to see made. They don’t want the public to know the truth about the roots of Planned Parenthood.
It’s time for America to know the truth, the real story of what happened in 1973, and there is no better way to share it than on the big screen.

The abortion argument is considered unwinnable.

However consider this. Strip away politics–political parties, ideologies and simply look at this as human beings. Take away religion and the concept of damnation for murder. Look at this as a human being.

The first view is simply this…we emphasize our premium on human life. Our laws forbid murder or abuse of another human. We see daily reports for the fight for human rights. When a pregnant woman is murdered there are often charges for the death of the unborn child. We have groups that are more dedicated to the protection of animal rights than those of human beings.

Let’s take time limits out of the equation. For the sake of this essay, let’s also remove rape and genetic defect scenarios. I want to bring this down to a simple, unadulterated scenario.


If we view life as something easily dispatched for whatever rationalization, then the goal of preserving life, holding it in sanctity is a futile effort. If we will think nothing of terminating life in the womb, we will think nothing of poisoning, bombing or murdering each other.

We teach our children that it all starts in childhood. Everything goes back to the beginning. So when it comes to our unborn, why is this conveniently displaced?

As a species, we want things easily. We want our food quickly and cheaply. We want it convenient. Only now are we starting to see the price paid for this. From rampant obesity to the spread of disease from poor diets and chemicals in our food, there is a price to pay for convenience. We don’t have to think, just give us what we want. We will postpone the long-term effects but we know what will happen.

Smoking and drug addiction serve as another example. They satisfy an instant need, whether calming nerves, appetite control or some other instant need, most addicts knowingly continue with the habit, well aware of the detrimental effects. They will put off the cumulative effects, disregarding the harm and damage to their loved ones for their immediate satisfaction. Addiction leads to spending later years on medication, rehab and a major emotional and financial burden on loved ones.

Our food, our technology, our entertainment…fast, quick, cheap, convenient. There are side effects and dangers to all of these things when rushed into or treated as fast food convenience.
The moment we apply this thinking to our unborn, we are finished as a species.

The creation of life is not a “side effect” of pleasure seeking. Pregnancy is not something to be “corrected” and viewed as a mistake. Abortion is not to be dispensed for the sake of convenience. By truly considering the impact of a child on one’s life signals a change in thought, the ability to think beyond one’s self. It reduces selfishness and opens minds and eyes to a bigger picture…a connection to the larger world instead of the one in front of our faces.

The elimination of abortion is rooted in a fundamental change of thought as a species. From a tiny egg and sperm to the entire globe, it’s about perspective. If we see ourselves as disposable, then we are.

This is overly simplified and it solves nothing. Outlawing abortion is not the answer as well. Those determined will get one from those providing black market services. As we saw with Prohibition, legislating morality will drive people into the dark to seek what they need.

We need to instill an understanding that we are part of something larger. We are not disposable.

Until we do this, we will fight for life.

God Speed,
Stacey L. Dash