Stacey Dash: Kanye West Should Not Apologize

First Amendment Right: Freedom of Speech.

Before that right: Freedom of Thought. Who gives me that right? God.

Who do you think you are?

There is nothing more racist than telling someone what to believe based on the color of their skin. Hate groups organize their entire existence based on this principle. And the Democratic Party has been a hate group for a very long time, from the origins of the Democrat-run Ku Klux Klan to this very day, when they still tell black people what to believe and shut up those who disagree.

The uproar with Kanye West and Candace Owens is nothing new. My journey started when I changed my mind on Barack Obama and endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012. I didn’t expect it when the Democrats swung into full attack mode, calling me names like “coon” and “Oreo” for not supporting Obama, who I lost faith in after seeing little to no change for black people in general, but especially those at the bottom of the economic spectrum.

It was taken for granted that black people should support Obama for being black, and that not doing so was somehow wrong. That’s the plantation mentality in a nutshell: no demands for real results, while settling on lofty words about the great compassion of a leader and assuming that he or she will do what’s right for the country, even if there is no evidence that’s actually happening.

Even having an opinion that differs with mainstream Democrats is an invitation for abuse. After being smeared for supporting Romney, I said what Kanye just said recently, that black people are entitled to their own opinions:

Just believing that having a different opinion was even possible created an uproar among the so-called tolerant Democrats. Twitter users attacked me for posing in Playboy, accused me of sleeping with Mitt Romney, and threw out a tirade of insults about my career, looks, and race. They could never say why I shouldn’t be entitled to a different opinion, just that I shouldn’t be allowed to even have one because of who I am.

They never could explain why they supported Obama, and they never even tried to change my mind about Romney. What could they say about Obama? Apparently there was nothing to say, aside from that I should support him because of the color of my skin. Not supporting Obama–and later, Hillary–was an invitation to abuse and attacks based on skin color alone. If that isn’t racist, I’m not sure what is.

After daring to step off the Democrat plantation, I was blacklisted from several production
companies in Hollywood, many of which were being run by people like Harvey Weinstein and other Democrat surrogates. The mainstream media ran hit-pieces against me, using headlines like “Clueless actress” in a derogatory way and enlisting the help of other people from the entertainment industry to call me names, such as when Chelsea Handler called me a “black white supremacist.”

But despite their deeply-held convictions about people like Mitt Romney or President Trump
being all that’s wrong in the world, I’ve never heard anyone in Democrat Hollywood criticize top Democrats like Hillary Clinton for her close affiliation to Weinstein or her own husband’s abuse of women, for her calling at-risk black kids “super predators” in the 1990’s, or for her saying “hardworking white Americans” were the reason she stayed in the 2008 primary against Obama.

None of them mention that then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton placed Martin Luther King Day on the same day as Confederate General Robert E. Lee Day, back when a backhanded swipe against King would have been politically expedient for him. Like results, history doesn’t matter anymore, unless the candidate is a Republican.

But despite Democrats’ histories like these, I’m supposedly the one who “agrees” with
Charlottesville because I won’t claim to know the minds and hearts of every person who is there protesting the removal of a statue, which is God’s job–not mine. I’m supposedly “divisive” or “controversial” for believing that black people are being taken advantage of by the Democratic Party, which has done little or nothing for us in decades. I’m supposed to agree with Obama’s European-style socialism, which would destroy the United States’ economy and remove us from superpower status. It’s ridiculous. I thank God that President Trump has stepped in to make America great again!

More and more people are looking around themselves every day and recognizing that the
political establishment and liberal Hollywood are not helping Americans succeed. They’re not improving our inner cities or our culture, but instead creating animosity and rage, while ignoring anything that promotes moral integrity. Liberal Hollywood places people into categories according to racial stereotypes, requiring blacks to shuck and jive for them, perpetuating segregation and division. Identity politics are used to tell people which candidates to vote for, while justifying the existence of race-based awards shows and channels. This is modern-day segregation, by force, but the liberal elite in Hollywood can act as though they’re “supporting” black Americans while keeping them on the plantation.

Good for Kanye West for standing up to these people. They don’t deserve a blank check, and the days of us writing them one during each election year are coming to a close. We are not victims or unworthy of our own opinions. We are individuals.

I am no one’s victim, and I never will be. I am off the plantation. I’m glad to see Kanye West stand up for himself.

So here’s the question: who’s the real “Uncle Tom”?